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Blackjack Hand Signals During Gameplay Verbal Cues. There are common instances at the blackjack table where players can just tell the dealer what they would... Hit or Stand. When playing the single deck variation, you can hold the cards in your hands. If you need to hit, you can... Take Insurance. ...

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Blackjack Hand Signals. Face Up. Hit – Point at your cards or tap the table. Stand – Wave your hand from left to right over the cards without moving your arm. Double Down or ... Face Down.

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DarkStar shows you the most common hand signals in Blackjack.DarkStarBlackjack Book: https://www.amazon.com/DARKSTAR-BLACKJACK-Ultimate-Blackjack-System-eboo...

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Rules and Hand Signals in Blackjack The Basics of Casino Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the best examples of a type of card game called “banking games”. Gameplay and Decisions. A round starts when the players place their bets. The dealer gives each player (and herself) two... Handling the Action at ...

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Before describing the signals, let’s recap on the choices you have on each blackjack round: Hit: take another card; Stand: Stick with the cards you have; Double down: double your initial stake and receive one more card; Split: Double your stake when you have a pair and play as two hands; Hand signals for blackjack

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Click here to download the Vegas Blackjack Signals Package. The best possible hand would be a “blackjack,” or a two-card 21 consisting of a face card and an ace. Getting a blackjack means you automatically win. However, if the dealer also gets a blackjack, the result is a “push” and you get your original bet back.

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Blackjack Hand Signals Hit: Scrape the table lightly with your index finger. Stand: Slide your cards under your chips without disturbing the chip stack. Double down: Turn your cards face up first. Then, add a second bet to the original chip stack and hold up a finger. Split: Turn your cards face up ...